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benini mark

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Mark is a modern nomad based in Berlin, born in the middle of the Italian Alps in 1981. With the Soviet medium-format camera Kiev88 he captures special moments and emotions from his travels across the world.

With his photography he would like to lead people into a mystical and magical fantasy world full of emotions and soft nuances. The surreal is seen as a part of daily life.

He's working as a self-employed graphic designer, which allows him to work from every corner of the globe.



Shut up - Studio Anniluce, Pescara (I)


Krishna - Mongolfiere libere, Berlin (D)


Untitled - Mongolfiere libere, Berlin (D)


A place beyond belief - Greenhouse, Berlin (D)


Am I still looking for a golden age? - Re.tramp Gallery, Berlin (D)


Feeding the bubble - Re.tramp Gallery, Berlin (D)


Pandemic Healing Arts - Holzmarkt 25, Berlin (D)

Contact me for collaborations

+49 176 967 06 223

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